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May 2022 Workshop Schedule


How to Deal with Burnout: May 17th 2pm (PT)
Dealing with Rejection: 21st, 2pm (PT)
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How to Become Mentally Healthy
Clara Young, Ph.D.


The difference between those who succeed and fail is often mental, as studies have shown consistently. Mental health is a fundamental necessity to our survival and yet, very few people know how to take care of themselves mentally on a daily basis. Actors are particularly vulnerable mentally as they face constant rejection, frustration, criticism, and discrimination in a highly competitive, unpredictable, and judgmental profession. And yet, actors must stay alert and motivated despite disappointments. Come and learn basic mental health strategies you can use daily for the rest of your life, not only to improve your acting career and achieve your dreams, but to improve every aspect of your life, including relationships with others and yourself.


Psychology for Actors

Although psychology and emotions are fundamental for an actor, it is rarely explored or taught in the craft of acting. However, psychology is a necessary and a powerful tool that can help actors access one’s emotions through self-discovery, as well as process, confront, and resolve any psychological obstacles, such as fear, trauma, low self-esteem, etc., that could be holding them back from a brilliant and prolific career.
Come and discover your emotions in relation to acting, and learn simple psychological strategies to unleash and empower your emotions and talent buried inside of you, and become the magical actor you want to become.


Dealing with Rejection

 Rejection is a normal part of life and everybody experiences it personally and professionally throughout their lives. However, it is how one responds and reacts to rejection that determines if one is devastated by rejection, quits, and gives up, or one uses it to fuel their purpose and keep moving despite of it. Having the awareness and the tools to deal with rejection would be another great asset for actors, where rejection is the norm in the profession. Don’t allow rejections to dictate who you are. Instead, learn to manage it, and keep moving towards your goals and dreams.


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Support Groups
A support group is a gathering of people with common issues, themes, goals, and problems to provide support, share ideas and information, and get connected, where one can be understood and comforted in a safe and confidential environment. With a good leader, support groups are ideal to release pain, share stories and life experiences, be heard, actively listen, and be helpful to oneself and others in a caring and nurturing community.


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