Upcoming Workshops May 2022


May 2022 Workshop Schedule


“Knowledge is Power!”
Francis Bacon


How to Deal with Burnout: May 17, 2pm (PT)
Dealing with Rejection: May 21, 2pm (PT)
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How To Deal With Burnout

Don’t allow burnout to hinder your talent, ambition, and dreams. Avoiding burnout can snowball into serious medical and emotional problems. Also, preventing burnout is one of the smartest way to protect yourself from serious medical and psychological symptoms that can effect your health, career, and loved ones.

With some self-care and coping strategies, that could be used for a lifetime, you can become a competent, thriving, caring, and successful individual, while maintaining sanity, health, and even have fun. The bonus is that these tools and strategies will also help improve your personal life that will ultimately lead to a healthier lifestyle, meaningful relationships, and a positive outlook.


Dealing with Rejection

 Rejection is a normal part of life and everybody experiences it personally and professionally throughout their lives. However, it is how one responds and reacts to rejection that determines if one is devastated by rejection, quits, and gives up, or one uses it to fuel their purpose and keep moving despite of it. Having the awareness and the tools to deal with rejection would be another great asset for actors, where rejection is the norm in the profession. Don’t allow rejections to dictate who you are. Instead, learn to manage it, and keep moving towards your goals and dreams.