Tips to Find Happiness During Tough Times!

Everybody goes through tough times. It can be often and even daily depending on individual lives. And happiness can play a subtle and yet powerful role in helping you cope, survive, and return to living. Here are some simple ways:

When things get horribly tough, I run to find support from someone I can trust. It can be a family member, a friend, or a teacher, etc. It should be someone who genuinely cares, listens without judgment, understands and cares. It can also be a psychotherapist – a neutral person who can sometimes see things more objectively. I can release some of my frustration and sadness in a safe place, so it doesn’t become an obstacle in my life.

There are many things in our daily life we cannot control and there are unexpected things that are thrown at us. Instead of being upset and angry, try to be flexible and adapt to the situation. Even if you can’t change the external situation or a person, try to be flexible in how you look at it. Look for the good in the situation; the positive. It helps me to write them down by hand and I can look and read it loud. It helps a lot.

Get away, even for 10-15 minutes and remove yourself from a tough and negative environment and treat yourself to your favorite thing. It can be a cup of coffee, dessert, or browsing at your favorite store, or a walk in the park or catching a movie by yourself, or go outside and soak up some sun and just smile, etc. You are taking a physical and mental breather and it becomes a time to heal and energize so you can return to your life and deal with your issues with less weight on your shoulder.

This is almost magical to me. When I’m caught up with my life and issues, I find myself living inside my head all wrapped in only me. So, I go and volunteer or help someone else to remove the spotlight, take a break from me and my issues, and focus on someone else. In doing so, I help someone, but it also helps me realize I am not the only one with problems and I have the ability and the heart to ease somebody’s pain. And it feels so darn good too.

Start with these ways to utilize a bit of happiness to get you through a tough day or times in your life and remember you are not alone and there is always a way to make things better; even if it’s looking at it in a positive way. You can do it!