Spaghetti or pasta in general is the most popular weeknight dinner. And most people rely on store bought sauces.
Here are some tips to make your pasta meal healthy, delicious and quick and get everybody fed and satisfied without sacrificing health or flavor.


Buy organic, no salt marinara sauce:
Most store bought sauces have ton of salt, even the organic ones, so opt for organic and no salt ones, so you can control the salt intake.


Use organic canned beans:
Add organic canned beans like garbanzo/chickpeas or white beans to make the sauce heartier, thicker, healthier, and delicious. It’s cheaper than meat and easy to use. Just give it a good rinse and add to your sauce. Beans are a great source of protein and other nutrients with low calories and it also thickens the sauce.


Add mushrooms over meat:
Instead of adding meat which can be unhealthy and has a lot of fat and calories and are more expensive, use organic mushrooms of any or all kinds to make the sauce more “meatier.” Mushroom are super, super food and has anti cancer properties among others. I like using a mixed bag of mushroom, but you can use whatever you have or like. And you can never overcook mushrooms.


Add some vegetables:
Add onions which is a natural sweetener and throw in veggies you have, especially the ones that are about to go bad and clean out your refrigerator at the same time. I like to add baby spinach, kale, broccoli, peas, etc. to get my greens in a delicious and easy way.


Use spices rather than salt or sugar:
Add spices like dried oregano, worcestershire sauce, or even a few dashes of balsamic vinegar, and fresh organic basil for extra flavor rather processed salt or sugar.


Try these healthy and delicious ways and you can make your ordinary pasta dish extraordinary in both nutrition and flavor.
Happy eating!