Simple Salad Lunch ( No Recipe!)


It’s almost a 100 degrees here today! (ugh), and my energy is at its lowest, not to mention I’m moving as fast as a sloth. So, the last thing I want to do is cook using the oven or the portable stove. So, I put together this simple salad with the greens and berries from my container garden and added some flaxseeds and chia seeds for protein, and a dusting of matcha powder for antioxidants; all to keep my body nourished, and to keep my immune system in check. The last thing I need is to get sick.


Salads don’t require recipes. You can use whatever greens and veggies you have in your kitchen. I just drizzled some organic olive oil, white wine vinegar (any vinegar or lemon juice will do), and  salt and pepper. I tossed everything and ate my simple, but powerful salad with some organic baked chips lying around.


You can also add some beans like black or garbonzo beans for extra protein and fiber, that will keep you full, and some fresh herbs.


As always, I had a fruit after my meal. This time I had a small organic fuji apple. In a few hours, I’ll grab a handful of nuts, that will keep me nourished and full until dinner. It also prevents me from gorging at dinner.


Wherever you are, I hope you stay cool and remember, you can always have a healthy, simple, and tasty salad lunch and empower your body and mind under any kind of weather.







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