Although it’s ideal to bake yummy desserts from scratch for your family, parties or as potluck for the holidays, we all have way too much to do running around and trying to get everything done. So, instead of going crazy and pulling your hair out, or worse making a bad dessert from rushing things, take this shortcut and get some help from your local bakery and/or the store and no one will know that you “cheated” a little.


White Christmas Cake

You can use a store bought cake and cookies, or pick up a cake from your local bakery, or bake your own. I topped the cake with shaved white chocolate. You can also use coconut flakes and I pasted the cookies on with a bit of store bought frosting. It looks fun and a pro did it, and will grab people’s attention. More importantly, it will make your life easier and everyone will enjoy the gorgeous cake.

Win win!