Refried Beans with Corns and Peas

Not having a kitchen means, I have to make my food without long cooking time, and necessity can lead to all kinds of creative, economical, and yummy meals. Here’s one of my favorite go to meals that never lets me down and it always hits the spot.


1 can of organic refried beans
1 bag of organic frozen corn and peas or just corn or peas or your favorite frozen food.
1-2 tablespoons of organic olive oil
Salt and pepper or garlic salt to taste
Your favorite tortilla chips (preferably baked and organic)



For this meal, I simply heated a can of organic refried beans. I found out you can actually eat these beans room temperature without without heating it up. You can also use the microwave oven. The choice is yours.
Then in a sauce pan, I heated up a bag of frozen organic corn and peas with a little organic olive oil. After stirring for a few minutes, I added garlic salt and freshly ground pepper.
On a plate, I placed some beans, corns and peas, and some chips, and topped with some herbs and pickled jalapeños, and I had a tasty, fast, and healthy poor woman’s meal. It was so good and easy, I had the same meal the next day.


1 medium red or white onion chopped. Mix it in with your corns and peas.
Fresh organic parsley or cilantro for topping.
Pickled jalapeños (store bought or homemade)
Hot sauce of your choice



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