One Good Deed a Day!

We hold so much power to do good for others and ourselves. Let’s do it!


During my cancer recovery, I discovered that doing one good deed a day had a profound effect on healing my body and mind. So, I started doing one good deed a day as part of my health and happiness regime, and since then it has become a source of strength, laughter, community, inspiration, everyday goodness, food for the soul, and so much more, and it’s restored some of my faith in mankind. And I’d like you to give it a try and discover for yourself the magic within you and share your good deeds to empower everyone, including yourself for our hearts and souls.


Scientific studies shows doing good deeds makes us healthy and happy. It reduces stress, keeps us calm, increases longevity, promotes mental health, and it naturally pays it forward, restores faith in people and themselves, and it feels so darn good!


Some Guidelines for OGDD

Don’t Need to Search or Create a Good Deed Situation.
Let it come to you. It’s out there every day, but you may not be aware of it. You’re probably doing good deeds already, but if you’re not conscious of it or validating the experience, you won’t get the sense of self-satisfaction, self-esteem, and self-worth – the good stuff!
After you do the good deed, say to yourself, “My one good deed a day!” Smile. Pat yourself on the back and let the endorphins multiply. It’s subtle, yet powerful and you’ll enjoy your day more, even if nothing else happens.


Keep It Simple
This is not about spending a lot of money, time, making huge sacrifices, or being grand. It’s every day, ordinary “one good deed a day” without any expectations. Whether its people, animals, trees, or everything else, we are all capable of doing and receiving good deeds. Go for it!


Get Family, Kids, Friends, Coworkers & Others to Join In
OGDD brings people together, even for a little while. It’s the human connection we need to survive and thrive, especially these days.
My family shares ODGG stories over dinner and have lots of fun and laughs. These stories are unique and one of a kind, and we also bounce ideas off of each other.
Recently, I asked a teenager, who suffers from low self-esteem to do OGDD and keep a journal. I told her not to force it and she didn’t have to do it if she didn’t want to. Soon, she recruited a few friends, and now, she’s starting an OGDD club at school. It has silently done wonders for her self-esteem and social life. Hooray!


ODGG Daily Journal

I’ve encouraged people to keep an OGDD daily journal. Grade school kids, college students, adults, and seniors alike enjoy keeping a journal of their good deeds. It has become a source of self-confidence and optimism, especially during dark and sad days. It’s a reminder that basically, we are good people, willing to help each other for no reason, because it’s the right thing to do, and it feels awesome!


Some Examples of OGDD

While walking, I noticed a woman locked herself out of her house with curlers in her hair (yikes!) So, I asked what I could do to help and she asked me to call her daughter on my cell phone, who came to her rescue.”


An elderly gentleman was having placing his grocery items at checkout due to arthritis in both of his hands, so I asked if I could help and placed all the food items on the belt and bagged them into his shopping carts. He couldn’t be more grateful as he got teary eyed. Me too!


“Gently captured a spider in the house and put it outside. (Spiders are actually beneficial bugs and they eat all the critters, you can’t see. So, try to put them outside rather than killing it).” 


“Saw a dog roaming around the neighborhood. Luckily, his collar had an address, so took him home a few blocks away. The owners were elated with gratitude and happiness. I felt like a million bucks!”


“I asked a coworker who always ate lunch alone to join us one day. It turns out she was distant to hide the fact she was living in her car after a messy divorce. An empty nester coworker had a spare bedroom she wanted to rent it out. Problem solved, and boy did it feel good for everyone.”


 “A baby crow fell out of a tree. Even though I was gonna be late for work and get yelled at by my boss, I took a chance and decided to take it to a wildlife rehabilitation center. It turns out my boss had a parrot and understood. The crow is doing fine and will be released soon.”


Thank you all!