Laugh Therapy


One of the Happiest Act is Laughing and It’s Great Therapy!

Healing with Humor
Let laughing and humor ease your burden and pain, lighten the load, and give you timeless joy and fun. Sometimes, life is so ridiculous; the only thing we can do is laugh, laugh, and laugh!

Laughing and humor is also a survival tactic. Without it, the often insane and mysterious world could be overwhelming; trapping our lives, dreams, and spirit into utter darkness. So, laugh to survive, to stay sane, and to have a gut shaking experience!

Come and learn how to find humor in your life, yourself, others, and the zany world around us every day. Laughter is good medicine and it has no side effects. What are you waiting for? C’mon!

Laughter Club
We meet regularly to share jokes, funny pictures & stories, do silly things, and laugh, laugh, and laugh. Life is too serious not to laugh. Come join us, have fun, and make new friends. It’s one of the best therapies around.

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