How to Say Goodbye to 2021!

The end of the year always nudges us to reflect about the year leaving us while a new year is standing by. It’s a brief and subtle transitional time; before we walk across the bridge to 2022, which is eagerly waiting with a blank canvas to be covered with new stories, chapters, events, and memories yet to be. No doubt, these memories will be etched in our psyche as long as we live. However, before you open the door to a new year, give some attention and thought to the year that has gone by to make sure you don’t leave empty-handed.


Give 2021 one final look and make sure you take all the life lessons and gifts that came with each life experience you’ve endured, especially in a pandemic that seems to be never-ending, because with every heartache, disappointment, sadness, as well as joy, it gave you new tools and allies to make the next year more deeper, healthier, wiser, and magical, if you allow it. It really is a choice. You can leave empty handed or a pocket full of your own courage and strengths that came from surviving another year in the mysterious game of life. Not everybody did, but you did. It was quite brilliant. So, give yourself that one final look into your 2021, and say thanks and goodbye, and keep walking and keep living…It’s all we can ask of ourselves and life.