Prevent Tooth Decay & Keep Your Teeth Forever!


A recent study confirmed once again what most dentists have known for ions. The biggest culprit of dental decay and other dental problem is PROCESSED SUGAR!


Sugar is considered the one and only cause of tooth decay.


35% of the world has dental problems. 1/4 of elderly are missing all their teeth due to sugar, and kids by the age of 12 have cavities.


Countries with low intake of processed sugar has hardly any dental problems. Japan is a great example, as it has only 0.1 percent of tooth decay.


Sodas, breakfast cereals, processed junk food, and candies, etc are the worst culprit. A single soda has two days worth of sugar!


Studies also show that brushing and flossing only has a tiny impact on dental health compared to reducing processed sugar.


So keep it simple. Reduce or eliminate intake of processed sugar, not only for your teeth but for your whole body and mind.


Opt for natural sugars from fruits. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy absolutely delicious and juicy watermelon, peaches, berries, etc. And when needed choose natural sweeteners such as honey, coconut sugar, etc.


Teeth is a good things to have for the rest of your life, especially if you enjoy eating, so take good care of them, please…