How To Grow Butter Lettuce For Free!

I love butter lettuce, not only because it tastes so buttery and sweet, but when you buy it in the store, it comes with the roots attached,. So, I cut off about an inch above the roots and plant that in my container.


Dig about 3 inches into the soil and simply plant the roots. Water it and mulch if you can to keep the moisture in. In just a few weeks or so, it gave me a full lettuce that was more perfect than the one I bought at the store. After first harvest, it gave me another head of lettuce before going to earth permanently. Not only did I save money, but got 2 free lettuces, and it was fresher and sweeter right out of the soil, and it felt great to reduce the carbon footprint.


Any veggie that you buy at the store with roots can be planted. Green onions are a great example. They grow so fast and it’s impossible to stop them from regrowing over and over. I haven’t bought green onions in over a year! You really get your money’s worth. Just like the butter lettuce, simply cut about an inch above the roots and plant in soil. Water and watch it grow.


There are many ways to save money, enjoy fresh veggies directly from the garden, and help the environment. It’s definitely a win win.


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