How To Be Mentally Healthy!

The difference between those who succeed and fail is often mental, as studies have shown consistently. Mental health is a fundamental necessity to our survival and yet, very few people know how to take care of themselves mentally on a daily basis.


If it were up to me, I would make mental health classes mandatory early on from elementary school and beyond. It’s that important and that necessary. We all need to know how to be mentally healthy for the rest of our lives.


Whether it’s building self-confidence, dealing with depression, substance abuse, obsessive compulsive disorders, break ups, or grief, and so much more, mental health plays a crucial role in our lives from start to finish. And good mental health is a necessity for preventing, overcoming, and healing from life’s inevitable woes. And those who have the tools of good mental health are generally healthier and happier in life.


About Mental Health
In order for us to be healthy and happy, we need to balance our physical and mental health.

Physical health is fairly straight forward because it can be seen and measured and it has a long history, education, and knowledge with resources available almost everywhere. However, mental health is still elusive and often confusing to many people even though it involves our psychological, emotional, and social well-being and if affects how we think, act, manage stress, and make daily decisions, small or big. The fact is good mental health is a necessity to our survival. And the difference between those who succeed and are happy are often mental.


Sadly, there are still cultures and people who see mental disorders as taboo, something to be ashamed of, or even a weakness of one’s character; all which have been scientifically proven to be false. And it doesn’t help that the information on mental health at times seem complicated, contradicting, and difficult to understand with resources not readily available to everyone. The subject of mental health is not taught in most schools, companies, or even in health professions. So most people are unaware of the real definition of mental health or how to achieve it, or even recognize symptoms and signs. So,  many people meander through life suffering in silence, unaware of the resources that could help them.


Whether it’s struggling with self-esteem, a childhood trauma, daily anxiety or stress, or mental disorders such as clinical depression, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), or schizophrenia, it’s crucial to our survival to be informed about mental health and have the knowledge and the tools to achieve it on a daily basis, because it effects every aspect of our professional and personal lives and those we care about for the rest of our lives.


The good news is that good mental health can be achieved with awareness, knowledge, and practice. We have more resources today to achieve a healthy and sharp mind, and to  recognize, face, and resolve our obstacles and issues, that won’t prevent us from living our lives to the fullest; pursuing our goals and dreams, having meaningful relationships, and discovering all that we could be, and enjoy the treasures of life.


I am a 30-year clinical depression survivor. It’s the main reason I pursued psychology to seek answers and cures to a mind plagued by darkness, hopelessness, and death, as it robbed decades of my life, as well as opportunities, that are lost forever, as I endured unrelenting physical and emotional pain and shame all alone. And I want to make sure it doesn’t happen to others.


Mental health is not complicated if presented in simple methods and steps that you can practice on a daily basis to prevent, confront, and heal from emotional and psychological issues that maybe holding you back from all that you want to achieve, including your dreams. The more you practice healthy mental habits, it will become second nature, and you can pass it onto your family and future generations, so they can always have the tools to be healthy and happy, body and mind.


So start and empower yourself mentally. Come and learn the basics of being mentally health, so you can achieve psychological, emotional, and social well-being to become and person you were meant to be without being at the mercy of inner demons in control. Become the competent professional, as well as loving partner, parent, and friend, and make your dreams come true and make a difference.


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