Hot Rice Porridge (No Recipe!)

When I’m under the weather or just want to eat something that will warm my body without a lot of cooking, I always resort to my rice porridge, and it’s easy, healthy, yummy, soothing, and needs no recipe.
You can also clean out your refrigerator by using any kind of fresh or frozen vegetables you have, especially the ones that’s ready to go bad. Often, I don’t even use the knife to chop the veggies. I just tear them with my hands, and/or use organic mixed frozen veggies, which is super handy for any fast and easy meal.
You can also use fresh or old rice or quinoa or a combination of both.
This is a one pot meal where you throw everything in with some basic seasoning, and you have a healthy, guilt free, cheap, and yummy meal.



Cooked rice of any kind or leftover quinoa or a combo of both.
Rice or veggie or mushroom broth.
Any veggies you have. I used mushroom, peas, and onions
(can use organic fresh or frozen veggies).
Organic soy sauce or tamari.
Sesame oil (just a teaspoon or so)
Togarashi or sesame seeds.



Garlic, minced
1 Organic egg
Green onions, chopped (I just tear it with my hands)
Nori flakes
Chili powder or flakes
Hot sauce of your choice
Kimchi (side dish)
Pickled onions, jalapenos, etc. (side dish)



In a pot, place rice and/or quiona with some water or broth or a combination of both; just enough to cover the rice and bring it to boil.
Once it starts to boil, turn down to medium heat and add the vegetables, garlic, and the egg, if using.
After about 5-7 minutes, add the soy sauce, sesame seeds, and garlic (if using).
Give it a taste and adjust to your liking.

Serve in a bowl.
(Sometimes, I just eat it out of the pot. One less dish to wash).
Top with togarashi or any optional items such as sesame seeds, nori flakes, chili powder or flakes, or hot sauce.
You can have kimchi or any kind of fermented or pickled veggies as your sides, to give this hot meal extra nutrients and flavor that will warm and heal your body and soul.






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