Whether you’re trying to get away from your family or they are far away or you want a chance to celebrate thanksgiving with your friends, or gather people who don’t have anywhere to go, friendsgiving is a great way to celebrate with pals and people you actually like and want to be with.

You can do thanksgiving twice! Traditional with your family and one with your peers, friends, and whomever you’d like to eat and hang with.
The best part is you get to define it. You can keep some traditions or blast them all and create your own. It’s your party!

Just remember to
Keep it simple & casual
Do potluck (everyone pitches in)
Sit on the floor, do alfresco, etc.
Do a buffet / self-serve
Laugh. Sing. Dance & Have Fun!
Keep it easy. It’s more important to hang out and have fun than work yourself  to death in the kitchen.