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Happy October!

It is 90’s degrees outside, but in my heart and soul, it is a cool autumn day.


Start to enjoy the little gifts that fall brings, such as all things pumpkin.
Make pumpkin foods and/or go visit a pumpkin patch near you. Enjoy the leaves turning color (somewhere), hot chocolate (white chocolate is good too), cooler weather (fingers crossed), and letting go…


In nature, fall is the time when things start to let go (die), so for us, it can symbolize letting go of things that may be holding us back. Whether it’s people, pets, or perhaps even a stubborn dream, or things beyond our control, we need to let go, even if it’s temporary, so we can continue our life’s journey.


Last year, I lost the most loving person in my life and the grief is still stirring in my shattered heart and wounded soul. But life must go on.


We need to let go of those we lost, but loved so dearly, and brought us so much joy and unconditional love, so they can move on to the next world, and for us to keep living in this world with all we’ve got. We still have a lot of living to do.
It doesn’t mean to forget, but to simply say so long for now…


Try writing one or two people/things that you feel you’d like to let go; perhaps, need to let go. Take a look at it and see how you feel.