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If you haven’t bought a Christmas tree yet, consider these eco-friendly options that will keep your home, family, friends, and the environment healthy and happy during and long after the holidays.

Artificial Christmas Trees


PVC Free
If you’re buying an artificial tree, buy a non PVC tree and use it every year, pretty much forever. If you don’t need it, don’t toss it into the landfill, consider donating it. If you already have a fake tree, consider using it. The toxins on the artificial tree fade gradually after about 9 years.


Real Christmas Trees


FSC Certification & Soil Association
If you want a real Christmas tree, make sure you get a tree with FSC certification logo that has been grown sustainably. For organic and pesticide free tree, make sure it’s approved by the Soil Association and always ask your tree grower for more information and details.


Go Local
Buy your Christmas tree as locally as possible to avoid causing more pollution and environmental damage. You’ll also be supporting your community’s small businesses.


Tree with Roots
Get a tree with its roots intact and keep it in a large pot. Then you can plant it back to earth after the holidays. These are actually less expensive and you don’t have to kill a beautiful tree for any reason.


Grow Your Own Tree
Consider planting your own Christmas trees. I have a friend who planted one each year and she now has over a dozen and a few named after her kids and family members.


Rent a Tree
Many garden and nursery centers now rent Christmas trees in a pot, and then you can return it to the growers after the holidays. It will be regrown and reused the following year.


Recycle/Chip Your Tree
Make sure you dispose of your real tree responsibly. A lot of city turns them into wood chips, but make sure you check with your local/state policies. Go to recyclenow.com and enter your zip code. You can also compost it for your own garden use.


Plant a New Tree After Christmas.
Visit TreeEra, an organization that plants trees on your behalf and Ecosia. They have planted 17 million trees all over the world so far. Planting a tree after the holidays is a beautiful and wonderful gesture for your whole family and friends. And it feels so darn good!


Whatever kind of Christmas tree you decide to get, please be mindful of everyone and every living creature on Earth.


Happy Holidays!