Food Health

Healthy Delicious Rice Medley

Next time you make rice, white or brown (preferred), add some quinoa (white, red or combo) or oats, small lentils, and/or beans to give it a nutritional boost, flavor and color. I also add organic peas for protein and taste.

When making brown rice and using lentils and beans, make sure you follow the direction on the package and soak it in advance.
You can also throw in some minced garlic and spices such as tumeric and cumin and you have an easy, yummy, and healthy rice dish.
After the rice is done, fluff it up and mix it with some tamari or organic soy sauce, a few drops of sesame oil, and hot sauce (optional) and top it with green onions. An ordinary rice will become extraordinary and it will make you and your family healthy and happy.