What’s Their Secret?

Asian countries have the lowest rates of cancer, heart disease, obesity, weight issues, and other health concerns, largely due to their diet. They also have the highest number of centurions living well beyond a 100 years of age.



With a 5,000 year history of food, the Asian diet is known for its medicinal and healing properties derived from natural sources and ancient cooking and fermentation process. In the midst of a health and obesity crisis, the Asian diet has become popular and effective, as overly processed western diet continue to cause a health crisis around the world.


Whether you are dealing with a health or weight issue or want to discover Asia’s exotic flavors, our workshop will introduce you to a healthy Asian diet, utilizing both ancient and modern techniques.


We will show you easy, simple, and affordable ways to incorporate medicinal, and yet delicious Asian foods into your daily diet,  so you can enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life.



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