Things To Do In November!


Thins to do in November!



  • Take early morning walks and breathe in the fresh, crisp fall air.
  • Enjoy the golden, wine colored fall leaves.
    Pick a few off the ground and press them between your favorite books. They’ll last almost forever.
  • Make an apple pie and give it as a gift to someone.
  • Hand write a letter to someone you care about and send it air mail on a beautiful stationary.
  • Make and drink hot chocolate.
  • Write a short story.
  • Donate blankets and beds to animal shelters. Most dogs/cats sleep on cold wet cement floor.
  • Volunteer to your favorite cause.
  • Treat yourself to a small gift for yourself for no reason at all.
  • Enjoy doing absolutely nothing for a few hours.
  • Close your eyes and dream….

Happy November!