Happy Animal World Day!


Animal World Day is coming soon (October 4th), but I’d thought I get an early start because animals plays such a major role in our survival on a daily basis in so many ways. We could not be without them from achieving a healthy eco system to experiencing unconditional love from our pets, and beyond. I can’t imagine a world without animals.


My animals and the animal kingdom in general have kept me sane on a daily basis, especially during the pandemic. Otherwise, I would’ve been gone awhile ago in many ways. I know many people can relate. So, this is a great day to educate, celebrate, and give some TLC to all fuzzy creatures we share our planet, our homes, and lives with, and makes us healthy and happy.

Here are some things you can do today and everyday for the animals who gives us so much, and then some.


Take Your Pet to Work
Studies show that companies that allow their employees to bring their pets to work daily, weekly or monthly have a higher level of teamwork, productivity, happiness, and less stress. Make a suggestion to your work place to see if this can happen even a few times a year to start.


Have a Meat and Dairy Free Day
Meat consumption is the leading culprit in environment pollution, affecting our water, soil, air, and more, leading to many diseases, including heart disease to cancer. It’s also the main cause of immense cruelty to animals. If I showed you how they are treated, you would have nightmares, as I still do.
For today at least, go meat and dairy free and hopefully, it can be a regular habit for both your health and the environment. Our food choices and reducing/eliminating meat consumption can be the ultimate power to creating a clean environment, as well as reduce suffering of voiceless and defenseless animals. It will save everybody’s lives.


Give Extra TLC to Your Pets & Animals.
Whether it’s birds, cats, dogs, goats, snakes, etc. Give them extra TLC today. It’s their day!
Check and see if their environment, such as beds and play area are clean and safe, give them a healthy treat, take them for walks or to the park, give them extra hugs and kisses and the attention they deserve, and just hang with them. They don’t ask for much.


Say Thank You
My dogs love me unconditionally, which is amazing and they never complain or criticize me, even when I don’t wear matching clothes or make up,  which is even more amazing. I could not survive life without my dogs and the animal world, that truly keeps me sane every day, as well as keep me mesmerized and fascinated on a daily basis. So, thanks guys! I’ll be home early with goodies!


Shop Cruelty Free & don’t buy Wildlife Products
Buy cruelty free cosmetics, hair care, skin care, etc., that hasn’t harmed or tested on animals. Simply ask or check the labels on the products.
Don’t buy products made from wildlife. An elephant and rhino are killed every hour for their ivory and horns.
Many majestic animals are endangered from human consumption for products, such as jewelry, fur, clothing, at an alarming rate. It’s a monumental tragedy. I still dream of seeing lions, elephants, and rhinos some day, but sadly, they might not be there. So, let’s save them. It’s up to us. Wouldn’t you rather have elephants roaming the earth than a piece of jewelry or fur coat that is forgotten in a short time?


Be Aware
Sit outside and look up and around and be aware of all the creatures around us, even in cities. The butterflies, birds, squirrels, possums, etc. You’ll find that their world is intense, intricate, difficult (harder than ours), and yet fascinating. They are true survivors and have their own stories. I know our squirrels have a tough life. Everyone is out to get them, but they are super smart, at least more than my dogs and my family.


Adopt a Pet
Visit your local shelters, rescue organizations, etc. You can even go online and find a pet that needs a home. In return they’ll give you unconditional love and gratitude, not to mention, joy, laughter, and memories. Studies show people with pets are healthier, have less stress and anxiety, laugh more, and are more social. Children with pets are more compassionate and empathetic. They’ve also been known to reduce medical and mental symptoms from autism to cancer. Prison inmates have been rehabilitated simply by having a dog beside them. Sadly, millions of dogs and cats are put down due to lack of space in the shelters, so consider adopting a pet and give them a home and they’ll give you more than you can ever imagine.


People who volunteer are more social, less depressed or lonely, and have a greater sense of self-worth. I send my students and clients with low self-esteem to volunteer with animals and it does wonders because they learn they have the power to make a difference and the capacity to give and love someone.
I’ve been volunteering for decades and I love it. I get more out of it than the animals. I’ve gained lifelong friends, have amazing memories and pictures, and when all else fails, I know I can do good things there.  And when I’m feeling sad, lonely or beaten up by people, I head to the shelters and sit next to a dog, cat, turtle , or even an alligator (it’s happened), and they heal me back to life without a word. They are my favorite therapists!
Lunchtime or on weekends, visit or contact your local animals shelters, rescue organizations, adoption events, etc. Many places give school credits for junior and high school students. So, check it out.


Local shelters/organizations are always in need because they are non profit or on a shoestring budget and rely on donations. It doesn’t have to be in monetary ways. You can also donate blankets, towels, pillows, foods, administrative services, etc. You can provide foods for the workers, help with clean up or writing campaigns, ads, driving, etc. Use your talents to make a difference in many ways.
Animal shelters especially need blankets and beds because dogs and cats sleep on cold, wet concrete floors. I bet you have things lying around your house that can be put to good use and give you more space.  Win win!


Don’t Support Circuses, Rodeos, Sea Mammals Performances.
Animals in these arenas are often treated cruelly, and suffer horribly, and have a short life span. Your actions will ultimately set them free. Check out Cirque Du Soleil or playhouses that are more enjoyable and no one is harmed intentionally.


Can you imagine a world without animals, especially for the kids? It would truly be bland and bleak. So, let’s do our part to share, protect, and give back to our greatest neighbors and best friends.
Thank you to all the animals who share our planet and lives with. And thank you to all for caring. You have a big heart and you are indeed a special human being. We could not be without you.


Thank you!


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