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Grow Pea Shoots!

Like many people, I’m doing more gardening these days and even though I don’t have a lot of space or money, I’m planting veggies, herbs, flowers, plants, and even sprouts in containers. Growing my own food is both economical and enjoyable and it keeps me sane during insane times.


Pea shoots are yummy and they are easy and they grow in a few weeks. I bought a packet of pea shoots for $3.99 and this is what I got in a few weeks and it keeps on growing after each harvest, so it’s economical, fun, and it satisfies the green thumb. Try it!


I used this wooden box I had for years with organic potting soil, and some compost, free from the city’s compost station.
Follow the directions on the packet, but make sure the soil is damp, and not drowning in water. Most common mistake people make with plants of any kind is over watering. So, make sure you feel the soil with your hand before giving it water.


I also rarely buy containers since I can’t afford it. So, I shop the house and use things I already have, including plastic containers, water bottles, even an old straw hat, etc. Punch a few holes on the bottom and I have instant planting pots. It saves money, time, and there’s no waste. Seriously, who needs more stuff in their homes.


Another Tip:
If I can’t find what I’m looking for in my house, I also ask around to family and friends, and they usually have plenty of stuff and “junk” they are more than willing to get rid. It’s true, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” For women too.
Again, it saves money and everything else, and it feels so good.


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