Food. Glorious Food!


Is there anything better in life than food and eating, I ask ya?!
Luckily. food is also a powerful and natural medicine and it’s what I resort to everyday to prevent, fight, and heal both physical and emotional issues, and to stay young, energetic, pain free, increase longevity, and be happy.


I’ve always been a relatively healthy eater, but after my cancer diagnosis, I became very serious about using food as medicine and I ate like a Buddhist monk during my cancer treatment, and compared to other patients, I had no symptoms and had an unprecedented speedy recovery.


Through healthy and delicious food, I also rekindled a passion for food, cooking, and of course, eating. That will never get old. I’m sure you can relate. Food is both nourishing and comforting. Thank goodness!


I share with you food and recipes that I actually make and use on a daily basis. Most are vegetarian and vegan dishes and I offer alternatives, substitutes, and plant based choices and nutritional information. But they are also affordable and tasty, otherwise, I could not eat it. I hope you give these recipes a try (many require no recipes – my favorite kind!) and empower yourself and give yourself the joy of eating healthy and delicious foods of all kind.