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Food  + Psychology = Food Therapy!

Almost on a daily basis, I run into people who live in a great deal of physical, medical, and/or emotional pain. And they often resort to one extreme or another; dependent on dubious information and caretakers; completely unaware that they need to balance both the body and the mind to feel and be better.
Whether one is suffering from heart problems, arthritis, anxiety, or depression, and so much more, the solution is treating the whole person with both powerful foods that we were meant to eat in order to survive AND confronting our emotional obstacles and demons that comes with life. There really is no need to suffer in vain any more.
Check out the Food Therapy program I developed for my own survival, that I’ve been using for my friends and clients for years, and see if it’s something that can help you manage pain and lose weight in 2019 to be a healthier and happier person.  Read on…