Food Coach

What is a Food Coach?


Sometimes, we need direct help from a specialist to achieve our health goals. It can save time, energy, heartache & more, and you don’t have to do it alone.



A food coach provides nutritional counseling in utilizing food as medicine to meet your health and dietary goals. They can also identify problems in your current diet and help you develop a personalized and individual plan to meet your specific health or weight goals through food and nutrition, as well as show you how to eat healthy for a lifetime.


In addition, a food coach “coaches” you along to monitor your progress, helping you identify, acknowledge, and hone in on dietary obstacles and issues, and help you improve every step of the way, while leading you in the right direction in terms of healthy, delicious, and powerful eating. A food coach also gives you individual attention, support, guidance, and helps you be accountable while encouraging you to take positive action in becoming a healthy eater for the rest of your life.


Why a Food Coach?


Clarity & Focus
With contradicting information, a busy life schedule, total confusion, and not knowing where to start to get help with eating healthy to achieve and resolve medical, mental, and weight issues, people reach out to a food coach, who can be beneficial to save time, money, energy, and prevent future health problems.
Many people desperately want to become healthy, lose weight, get off medication, look and feel great, increase their longevity and become a happy individual, but they don’t know how, or trying on their own with confusing information and endless diets has failed them, costing them years, money, and stress, which has lead to more health problems, negative behavior, and frustration, and waste of valuable life. So, a professional food coach can provide clarity and help you focus on your issues to achieve your health goals faster and safer.


Need an Expert
Just like going to see a doctor or a specialist when you have health issues, a food coach is a food and nutrition specialist, who helps clients to identify issues and to create an individualized food plan to meet your goals in a steady and safe way.


Doctor’s Diagnosis
Some seek a food coach after a doctor diagnosed them with all kinds of health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, weight gain, high cholesterol or diabetes, or other medical or mental issues, and they are left on your own to figure out how to improve their conditions with a good healthy diet.
Some clients simply want to improve their health overall. Being proactive to prevent an illness or a disorder that may or may not run in your family is one of the smartest things you can do.
Food is also a gentle and yet powerful way to heal from various health conditions and harsh medical and mental treatments.


Lose Weight & Reduce Pain
Many clients want to lose weight but failed to do so for years, or they want to reduce pain and discomfort of various kind, and/or increase energy, longevity and to look and feel better overall. The key to losing weight and keeping it off is to focus on being healthy rather than counting calories.


Save Time & Money
A food coach will hone in on your problems and goals directly and put together a specific dietary plan that fits you and your lifestyle that can yield quicker results for a lifetime, so you don’t waste valuable time and money experimenting on something that may or may not work from dubious and general sources.



Hard To Do It Alone
It can be daunting and discouraging to face a task of healthy eating or losing weight on your own. More people give up on diets because they have no real support. A food coach will provide knowledge, support, guidance, action plans, accountability, and encouragement, so you won’t feel overwhelmed and alone to meet your goals.


About Dr. Clara Young

I resorted to food as medicine to save my life from cancer and depression, but I also use it to prevent potential medical and mental illnesses. But it has become my mission to help others to benefit from a healthy diet, because so many people are confused and lost about healthy eating and unaware that food is a powerful and delicious source for preventing, fighting, and healing from many health issues, including weight gain.
I hold a M.A. and a Ph.D in clinical psychology and a nutrition certificate. Using both my professional and personal background and experience, I work with each client personally, not only to achieve their short and long term goals, but to show them how they can eat healthy for the rest of their lives and pass it onto their future generations. I share what I know and actually eat on a daily basis to deal with just about everything.
Food is truly amazing because it can fight, heal, and give us so much joy.


If you’re interested in working with me as your food coach and get started on becoming healthy once and for all, email me. Click here.


Always check with your doctor before changing your diet of any kind.