Do a Bit of Journaling!

It’s been another tough, unprecedented year as the pandemic rages on in our world, and the new variant crushed our hopes that the end was near.
But all is not lost in our lives. There are always treasures to be found even in the underworld; the darkest place in and outside of us.
Discover them by diving deep into yourself and do a little soul searching and self-discovery. You might be surprised to what you’ll find inside of who you are and what you’re made of.



One of the best ways to find some clarity, reduce stress, release, and to get a glimpse inside ourselves and our complex lives is through the act of writing; journaling.

There are countless benefits of journaling, documented by endless scientific evidence. Writing down our thoughts and emotions helps us connect with ourselves and our life experiences, releasing tensions, frustrations, anxiety, and fears, that maybe harming us loudly and silently. Journaling uses our own imagination and creativity to be insightful to help us find solutions and understanding, as well as discover our wishes and desires buried deep within us.


Take a few quiet moments before the year is over to write down some of your thoughts, emotions, stories, etc. (whatever you want). Don’t think too much. Just start writing and it will help you discover more about yourself and you’ll feel lighter in more than one way.


Here are a few tips to get you started on journaling:


Be Alone
Make sure you’re in a private place alone where there are no distractions.


Use a Pen On a Blank Paper
(If you don’t know what these things are, do look it up)
Writing on a paper using a pen yields a different experience and results than writing on a computer. Try it.


No Rules
Just write down what you feel, what comes to mind, etc.
Don’t worry about grammar, format, etc. Let all that go. These words are for your eyes only.


Don’t Force It
Journaling isn’t a homework assignment that is due. If no words comes to you, just let it be. You can try it another time and place.


Read It
Most people don’t read what they write in their diary or journal. Reading it back is where you gain insight. We think we know what we wrote, but it can be different. So, read it back and take away who you are. You can amaze yourself.


Happy Journaling!