Food Health

Clean Your Diet!

With cooler weather ahead, many people could succumb to colds and the flu, and other ailments of both the body and the mind. And with the coronavirus still around, it’s always a good time to strengthen your immune system through a healthy and powerful diet. Start with these tips and adapt them into your daily life, and it will soon become second nature to stay healthy and happy.


Eat More Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
The best part of spring is the arrival of fresh fruits and vegetables full of super powers, vibrant colors, and juicy, delicious flavors. So, take advantage and include veggies and fruits with each meals and snack on apples, bananas, oranges, or nuts. I’m seeing berries, papayas, mangoes, and so much more waiting to be devoured.


Axe Trans Fats
Avoid butter, margarine, vegetable shortening, or anything with hydrogenated oils. Substitute with organic extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, organic yoghurt, and whole foods.


Eat More Fiber
Americans don’t get half of the daily fiber needed. It will help prevent and fight many illnesses, including colon cancer, as well as lose weight by keeping us full longer, and keep us regular, among other wonderful things.


Reduce Packaged Foods & Fast foods
Avoid or trash packaged foods with ingredients that have chemicals and preservatives. And, stay away from fast foods from the stores or the chains. They are a mecca for diseases, weight gain, lethargy, allergies, and hormonal imbalance, just to mention a few.


Eat Whole Grains
Eat grains that are intact, rather than refined or grounded. Always opt for organic and non GMO.


Drinks Lots of Water
There’s nothing like pure water to wash away all the toxins in your body. It will also keep you hydrated and your skin looking silky and beautiful.


Reduce or Eliminate Meat Consumption
Eating meat causes a host of physical and mental issues. They are filled with hormones, pesticides, GMOs, and other nasty things that get passed onto you. Studies also prove the majority of our pollution and climate change comes from agricultural waste and practice. So, become healthy and detox by eliminating or reducing consumption of meat. You can substitute meat with mushrooms of all kinds, which helps to prevent cancer, builds your immune system, and has similar texture to meat. If you must eat meat, opt for organic, grass fed meats with no hormones, nitrate, preservatives, or artificial anything.