Happiness Found

Whatever happens, remember you hold the light that is inside of you, so don’t forget to turn it on once in awhile, even for a few minutes, especially when things get hard. Dumbledore said so.

Health Nature

Happy October!

It is 90’s degrees outside, but in my heart and soul, it is a cool autumn day.   Start to enjoy the little gifts that fall brings, such as all things pumpkin. Make pumpkin foods and/or go visit a pumpkin patch near you. Enjoy the leaves turning color (somewhere), hot chocolate (white chocolate is good …

Health Nature

Go Green!

  We are Green! Did you know when you’re healthy and happy, you’re also saving the planet and being a natural activist? So cool!   For example, when you eliminate or eat less meat and choose food that are organic, pesticide free, and non GMO, you’re reducing toxins and pollution in the air, water, and …