Benefits of Meatless Mondays!

As a cancer and depression survivor, I take my healthy very seriously. And one of the things I do to protect my health is I don’t eat meat.
Meat has long been associated with all kinds of health problems from heart disease, diabetes, cancer (especially colon cancer), obesity, impotence, dementia, and so much more. It also affects our moods causing lethargy to depression. Studies consistently show people who live a healthy and long life eat little to no meat, including in the Blue Zone report.


If you’re serious about becoming healthy, preventing diseases of both the body and the mind, reducing pain, and living a long life, not to mention saving money, and fighting climate change, I want to encourage you to reduce your meat consumption or go meatless for your health and happiness.


Here Are Just A Few Benefits Of Going Meatless:


Improve Your Health
Is there a more important reason for yourself and your family? Going meatless is a healthier option at any age that decreases risks for pain & medical illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer, obesity, dementia, diabetes, and chronic illnesses, just to mention.
Reducing meat consumption can also increase longevity and help you maintain a healthy weight, increase energy, among others.
When you go meatless, you will be avoiding animal fat, hormones, GMOs, dyes, pesticides, artificial additives, etc. Ew! – all that can lead to poor health and unnecessary suffering.


It’s A Smart & Powerful Thing To Do

Going meatless Mondays or any day of the week is incredibly smart for you, your loved ones, and our whole planet, because when you go meatless, you’ll become healthier, leaner, and feel better overall, while saving money, time, and help battle climate change and reduce animal cruelty. These are powerful outcomes all from going meatless or reducing meat consumption. You have that power.


It Will Save You Ton Of Money
Meats continue to be very expensive in many ways. But plant based food like veggies, beans, and grains, etc., remains economical and abundant. You can even grow your own food like greens, yams, beans, and so much more. It’s saves money, not to mention it’s the ultimate fresh food from your garden. It’s also fun to do with friends and family, and so good for the soul.
Vegetarian meals are also healthier, cleaner, easier, lower in calories, and simpler to prepare, and is absolutely delicious without the guilt or the price. Plus, there’s been a lot of meat recalls that can poison your body with dangerous results, short and long term. You’ll be saving money, not just from not buying meat, but also on medical bills of potential health issues in the future. It can also help you avoid heartache from watching yourself or loved one from being sick. I’ve seen that happen too often and it’s absolutely preventable.


Gives Your Body A Break
It takes your gut 48 hours to digest meat, which is harder on your body and it can also cause stomach pain to lethargy. Your body has to work harder, produce more acid, pump more blood, etc,. Your body can age faster, as it takes a toll on its whole system.


It Reduces Carbon Footprint & Cleans Our Air, Soil, And Water
More than 50% of pollution, greenhouse effect, waste, and fuel usage is derived from animal farming. Producing livestock creates more greenhouse gases than cars, truck, planes, and trains in the world. Imagine that.
Meat production is one of the major culprits of climate change, deforestation, ocean destruction, wildlife and habitat loss and extinction, and so much more. Scientists have said repeatedly that the one thing that can have the most effect in reducing carbon footprint and saving our planet is eating less meat. Going meatless is environmentally friendly. It’s that crucial and powerful, and we can all make a difference together.


It Reduces Animal Cruelty
If I told you how animals are really treated in most animal  farming industries, you would have nightmares for the rest of your life, as I do. No doubt, going meatless would save the lives of poor farm animals from cruelty and give them a  second chance at life with compassion, which we all deserve.


Meatless Meals are Healthier & Easier To Prepare
It’s also faster, and there’s less mess and clean up. And there’s very little waste as plant based food can be composted and returned to earth for a another cycle.
It is a myth that people need meat for protein. You can get a complete protein that meat cannot provide that our bodies need by beans, peas, tofu, greens, and more, and all without fat, high calories, pesticides, hormones, and the destruction of nature and earth that goes with producing meat.
Interesting to note, that America has not had a protein deficiency since the 1940’s. In fact, we have the opposite problem. Americans consume way too much protein, mainly from meat, which is the cause for many ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity, and more.


It Doesn’t Have To Be All Or Nothing
Try reducing meat consumption once a week to start or even reducing your portion to half in a single meal. You don’t have to eat meat with every meal. That’s more a myth and a habit.
If everyone ate one less meat a week, it would be reducing 7.6 million cars. Imagine that. Everyone holds the power to make a difference simply by eating less or no meat.


Give It A Try
You have absolutely nothing to lose by reducing or going meatless just once a week or more. As a matter of fact, you’ll not only save money and time, but you’ll feel lighter and healthier. Get your whole family and friends involved in meatless Monadys, and they’ll learn to eat healthy and save money for their whole lives, and pass it on to future generations.
It’s a definite win win for everybody, including our planet! You’ll never know until you try. This is about your health, so discover it for yourself.


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