Are You Sitting Now? Stand!

Prolonged sitting has been linked to all kinds of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, back problems, depression, and even cancer, and it slows down your metabolism. So STAND UP!


Quick & Simple Tips to Stand UP More

Get up every hour to get and drink water, go to the bathroom, walk around the room, block, office, etc.


Try standing while working on the computer, answering emails, texting, talking on the phone, etc. At home, you can lean on your kitchen counter, instead of sitting. Stand for at least 10 minutes, but make sure you don’t overdo it.


Have standing and walking meetings. You can use those high tables and people can stand around and talk, write, have beverages and get some circulation.


No high tables? No problem. Just stand in a circle. It’s actually quite fun and more interesting than those long sit down boring meetings.


Look into a stand up desk. You can manually raise the desk or get one with a built in motor, but lifting that desk is a physical activity in itself and you’ll save money.


At work or at home, have a stand up time.
Designate a time and ring a bell or shout and have everyone stand up. It’s actually quite fun and it will give people/family a much needed break for their bodies and a good laugh.


Don’t sit in the car waiting for kids, people, whomever…
Stand outside your car and get some fresh air, people or nature watch, and breathe in some air.


Just stand up from time to time and move around and you’ll feel better, burn calories, and prevent a host of health issues, and it will even improve your mood.

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