Clara Young, Ph.D


I am currently the founder & director of the Health & Happiness Center, and a serious foodie. I hold a M.A. and a Ph.D in clinical psychology with 20 years experience in mental health with emphasis on Jungian, Health, and Positive psychology, and alternative and natural treatment for Depression. I’m also certified in nutrition studies and plant based and holistic foods. I am also a former psychology professor, journalist, columnist, and the author of several books.


I’m also a cancer and depression survivor and I use food everyday as a powerful medicine to prevent, fight, and heal from all ailments of both body and the mind, but more importantly, I am happily obsessed with creating, cooking, and devouring delicious vegetarian, plant based, and yummy food that is good for our body and the mind and our beautiful Earth.

I’ll share with you all I know professionally and by life experience about staying healthy and happy through food and a bit of psychology, which saved my life in many ways.
So come join me in my quest to become healthy and happy through powerful and delicious food, as well as empower our mental health to survive anything, including a pandemic.
Life is too short and unpredictable to do otherwise.