5 Morning Habits of Successful Weight Loss!

5 Morning Habits of Successful Weight Loss.


Consistent research shows that certain habits in the morning, as well as “morning people” have high success rate when it comes to weight loss and maintaining a good healthy weight. So, if you’re looking to shed some pounds or to improve your health in general, consider these healthy morning rituals that is good for you all around. And remember, each day is a new start to meet you weight and health goals. So, go for it!


Wake Up with a Positive Thought
I do this every morning before I get out of bed. Start each day with a positive and happy thought. You have more than you know. It will soon become automatic and it’s a great way to empower yourself before your day begins to meet your goals.


Drink Water
Instead of coffee or juice; drink a full glass of lukewarm water before you eat anything. This will gently hydrate your stomach and body and give you a sense of fullness, curbing your appetite, so you don’t reach for something sugary and fattening. Studies show that people who drink enough water throughout the day have lower BMI’s and gain less weight.


Get Moving!
It doesn’t have to be full blown workout, but taking a walk, getting on the treadmill or a bicycle for half an hour with some gentle stretches will help increase your metabolism, as well as lift your mood, which will increase your confidence to believe in your weight and other goals.


Start with Fiber
Instead of reaching for cereal with ton of sugar, reach for foods with high fiber, which tends to be more filling, giving you a full sensation longer, which will make you eat less. Fiber is also lower in calories and helps you with regularity and cholesterol level. Most Americans don’t eat enough fiber. So, have some apple slices with peanut or almond butter, some organic yoghurt with berries and bananas, granola with almond milk, or some celery with peanut butter for breakfast. Yum!


Have a Snack
In between breakfast and lunch, have a snack. Whether you’re hungry or not, have a simple and light snack, such as a handful of healthy, unsalted nuts, bowl of fruits or a banana, veggies with hummus, whole grain crackers, etc. This will continue to keep you full and prevent you from having a big lunch.


Pack a Lunch
According to studies lunch is the most eaten out meal. And on average, eating out adds more than 200 calories than eating at home or packing a lunch. So, dig up the lunch box from school or grab some brown bags and pack yourself a healthy and delicious lunch. It will save you money and calories.
Keep it simple by making a whole wheat sandwich without mayo, but whole grain mustard, hard boiled eggs with greens, tomatoes and avocados, or an egg omelet with lots of veggies, or some soup leftover from dinner. Make sure you pack in plenty of veggies (fiber!) and have a fruit (more fiber!) after your meal to keep you full and healthy.


Throughout the day, keep yourself hydrated with clean water, reduce or eliminate eating meat, especially processed ones that have horrible fats, antibiotics, hormones, and other nasty things, and increase your fruits and veggies, and you’ll lose weight and become healthy!