Psychology for Actors

How To Use Psychology To Become A Better Actor
Clara Young Ph.D.


 Although psychology and emotions are fundamental for an actor, it is rarely explored or taught in the craft of acting. However, psychology is a necessary and a powerful tool that can help actors access one’s emotions through self-discovery, as well as process, confront, and resolve any psychological obstacles, such as fear, trauma, low self-esteem, etc., that could be holding them back from a brilliant performance and a prolific career. The difference between those who succeed and fail is often mental, as studies have shown consistently.


Acting is a psychological and an emotional experience. We rely on them to develop our characters, tell a story, and to perform and to entertain. Whether the character requires sorrow, anger, terror, happiness, or misery, our emotions can be at our disposal without fear and not go undiscovered.


Psychology can also help actors persevere in a tough and competitive business, and not be devastated by rejection, frustration, and discrimination. Therefore, psychology can be the single greatest tool for actors and yet, most are not aware of the hidden courage and strength that lies within oneself. That can always change through a self-discovery journey of what lies in each person’s psyche, and use it to become the best actor one can be with freedom and confidence.


Come and discover your emotions in relation to acting, and learn simple psychological strategies to unleash and empower your emotions and talent buried inside of you, and become the magical actor you want to become. Activities from narrative, art, psychodrama, depth, laugh, mindfulness, and other forms of therapy will be utilized to gain insight into one’s obstacles, as well as one’s strengths, and find long term solutions. The added bonus of managing your emotions is that it helps with all aspects of your professional and personal life.


Dr. Clara Young holds a MA and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and have been in the mental health field for more than 20 years. She is also a veteran journalist, an actor, nutrition consultant, and a college professor for 15 years. She runs workshops that teaches artists, journalists, and individuals the psychological tools necessary to be successful in their careers and lives. She is also a speaker at conferences on health and happiness (positive psychology) and is a depression and cancer survivor.


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