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Whatever happens, remember you hold the light that is inside of you, so don’t forget to turn it on once in awhile, even for a few minutes, especially when things get hard. Dumbledore said so.


Hot Dark Chocolate

  Thank Goodness for Chocolate!   I’m kicking off December with my favorite winter and holiday drink – Hot Chocolate! I can’t drink enough of it throughout the holidays and the wonderfully cold winter. I’ve discovered my love for dark chocolate during my cancer journey, when I found out that dark chocolate contains antioxidants that …

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Healthy & Happy Thanksgiving Tips!

  I just got back from the battlefield of markets on Thanksgiving week. It wasn’t pretty, but I survived. I only got hit twice by someone’s elbow and reckless carts, and only one person ran off with my cart, and the cashier wasn’t having an anxiety attack. I’m good. Here are some tips to stay …


No Recipe Roasted Tomato Soup

This is another no recipe dish with few ingredients, that is incredibly easy, delicious, healthy, and economical. The oven and the blender does most of the work and it comes together fast. And you can enjoy this hearty and yummy soup with orzo pasta and/or grilled cheese. Tomato soup and grilled cheese are another match …


Preventing & Fighting the Flu!

I can’t remember the last time I had the flu. I make a conscious effort to prevent and fight it every season. Here’s my remedy to help protect you every season, any where from any kind of flu.   Empower Your Immune System with Powerful Food Your immune system is what fights viruses and other …


Things To Do In November!

  Thins to do in November!     Take early morning walks and breathe in the fresh, crisp fall air. Enjoy the golden, wine colored fall leaves. Pick a few off the ground and press them between your favorite books. They’ll last almost forever. Make an apple pie and give it as a gift to …


Avocado Blueberry Pancakes

I have a thing for pancakes and my body screams out for them on the weekends for brunch. Pancakes are yummy, but it’s often filled with enriched, bleached flour, full of trans fat and calories, and are generally unhealthy. But by adding avocados and blueberries, using nut milk, and healthy flour and oil, you get …

Food Health

Healthy Way To Lose Weight Without Dieting Forever!

It still amazes me how many people spend so much money and time, and succumb to endless unhealthy and dangerous diets to try and lose weight.   Diets simply don’t work! Studies support this and yet, people are always looking for shortcuts and gimmicks, which leads them to a longer and more painful experience, when …

Education Health

Preventing & Overcoming Compassion Fatigue

What is compassion fatigue?   Compassion fatigue is defined as a physical, emotional, and at times, spiritual exhaustion from consistent exposure to pain and suffering that comes from caregiving. Whether the caregiving is for people or animals, or fighting for causes or for better laws for protection and humane treatment, giving compassion on a regular …